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About me


Welcome to my world ! Arriving during the period of tragic events in Ukraine, I was forced to start my life from scratch, in search of security and new opportunities. Upon arrival in Hamburg, Germany, I found art as my escape and a way to express my deepest feelings and emotions.

With every brush stroke I create amazing surreal paintings that embody my inner world and vision. Vibrant and colorful, my works embody hope and faith in the best, despite the adversity and trials I have faced.

Today I strive to share my art with the world and invite you to an amazing journey into the world of fantasy and imagination. My paintings not only inspire, but also bring joy and hope for the best.

Join me as I explore the boundaries between reality and dreams, between light and shadow. Support me and my work, and together we can transform the world around us, leaving a mark on the hearts and souls of everyone who encounters my works.

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